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An Explanation of My Experiences in the 24 Hour Fitness Gym

This paper explains my experiences today in the 24 Hour Fitness Gym. The paper records all my experience in the gym ranging from my experiences of the people who were practising in the gym to the cardio equipment in the gym and the other exercise facilities there. The paper explains in vivid details all my experiences and my observations in the gym.

Today, my friend and I participated in the 24 Hour Fitness; we attended the gym to keep fit and to gain some muscle. As a warm up, we did some cardio exercises while at the same time observing other people who were doing exercises in the gym, for instance, the people who were running on treadmills. For me, my experiences in the gym were really exciting.

In course of my doing exercises in the gym, I realised that there were several categories of people who work out there. First of all, there was a category of people in the gym whom I can refer to as the gym rats , who intentionally wear undersize T-shirts and flex muscles in front of others; this category of people were very busy and they move around in the gym like rats. Secondly, there were some people in the gym whose main preoccupation seemed to be taking photos in the gym; this group of people constantly looked in the mirrors and took photos longer than they actually worked out in the gym. Thirdly, I noticed that there were newbies whose main goal in the gym seemed to observe other people practise. Then, there was the fourth category of people in the gym who listened carefully to their trainers and asked their trainers a lot of questions; my friend and I fitted in this fourth category.

Another interesting fact that I observed in the gym was that the majority of business people who came to the gym for practice did not turn their phones off while practising; for the business people, gym appeared to be their second office. Another interesting category of people in the gym is a specific category of girls, whom I call “beauty queens”. I call these girls so not because they are really good-looking but mostly because they wear heavy make-up as if were coming to a party. I have also noticed chatterboxes who visit gym only to talk with other people, but not to work out. Finally, there is an interesting category of people whose main aim of coming to the gym is to pick girls. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that gyms are the best places for men to find girls for dating. Such people should go to social gatherings to look for girls, but not in gyms.

Another interesting thing that I noticed today as I work out in the gym is the different types of cardio machines and equipment in the gym, and how different people were using the equipment in their work out. The cardio machines and equipment in the gym include the treadmills, Elliptical machines, and the stationary exercise bikes. Among these cardio machines, treadmill machines are the cardio machines that majority of people are using in the gym. Majority of the people who were using the treadmill machines are people who looked overweight; some of the people using the treadmill were obese people. Seeing the overweight people exercise on treadmill was really entertaining to me because the majority of the people seemed like they would fall down on the treadmill and collapse because of their heavy weight. Many of the people exercising on treadmill were breathing heavily as they run on the treadmill.

There were also a good number of people who were using stationary bikes in the gym. Some of the people who were using the stationary bikes were also overweight people, but there were some of them who seemed underweight. Unlike the treadmill machine and the stationary bikes, there were only two people using the elliptical machine in the gym. Besides the cardio machines in the gym, there were also weight court, basketball court, swimming pool and Sauna, which also provided avenues for practice and relaxation. There were a number of people swimming in the swimming pool, but they all seemed to be there just for relaxation rather than for serious exercise.

In conclusion, today I have experienced many things in the gym as I practiced. I found all my experiences in the gym enjoyable and exciting. These experiences have made me to love exercising in the gym, and from today onwards I will be visiting gyms frequently for practice.

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