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An Experience I will Never Forget: A Bike Ride With My Cousin

“Jonathon, watch out you’re going to hit me.” Riding bikes is one of my favorite things to do; but not on this day. On this day I do not like bicycles or my cousin Jonathon. As my cousin and I are riding bicycles I do not know that I will be scarred today, but I am. Everybody has scars. There emotional scars and there are physical scars. Sometimes emotional scars hurt worse than physical scars or the other way around. I unfortunately have a physical scar that I wouldn’t exactly say it hurt worse than any emotional scar but it hurt worse than a lot. I do not like having scars emotional or physical. I will have this scar for life just because I tried running away from a mad man on a bicycle!

While at my cousin’s house, several of my cousins and I decide to ride our bikes. I am on a very slow black and red mountain bike, so I am a ways behind everyone else. I feel the bicycle peddles on my feet, the feel of the wind in my face, blowing through my hair, makes me look like a sexy male model. I smell of dirt and gravel as it dries up the snot particles in my nostrils. I would describe what all I see, but all I see is dust because I am behind every one.

We are going to the Kearby’s house to ride their horses with them. This is a weekly activity for all of us. We are finally their after what seems like forever. I see the prettiest mare you will ever see. She is white with just a few brown spots and her mane and tail is just a mixture between both colors. She is as beautiful as a cold winter night with a full moon to brighten the sky. She was running what looked liked to me faster than the speed of light. I screamed without thinking,” I want to ride her!” Because of my small stature, the Kearby’s decide it is not a good idea for me to ride such a big horse, so I am riding a donkey that looks and smells like crap. Right now I am mad. As I ride along I see a raccoon that startles me donkey. He gets scared and I get bucked off and almost trampled by a big black horse with my cousin destiny on its back.

After being bucked from my donkey, I’m walking up the road to the neighbor’s. I see that she is not home so me and my cousin Zach hop back up on the bikes and head for home. We get there and Aunt Rita is bringing out some cool aid for all of us kids. Once we are well refreshed Jonathon and Zach decide to ride bikes again. No one else wants to go ride bikes again so Zach and Jonathon decide to race back from the neighbors. So they rode the bike up the road than turned around. As Zach and Jonathonare turning I’m walking across the road. (I forgot that they were racing back). When they are about 100 yards up the road, I’m walking across the road. Here they come zooming down the road. Now Jonathon is about five feet away from me when I scream “Jonathon watch out you are going to hit me!” BOOM! BANG!BOOM!The tire of that huffy bike runs straight up the left side of my body! I feel the fatal blow of my leprechaun cousin’s bike. My head bouncing off the gravel, then I feel the blood rushing down my face. Jonathon is determined to win that race, and will not stop peddling the bike he is on. I feel no pain besides the pain in my left eye. The stinging feeling of the blood and sweat running down my face into my eye ball isn’t the worse pain. The worse pain is from were my head bounced off the ground and cut it open. Jonathon is laughing along with everybody else. Now I am walking over to my dad, he takes one good look at it and says “Let’s go show your mom” “NO, I do not feel like listening to her freak out!” I say”GO get in the truck,” my dad says. Now we are in the truck on our way home when he says,” you know she is probably going to say you need to go to the hospital”.”I know” I say. We get on muddy branch (a gravel road that leads to my house. We drive and dust is coming in the window, stinging the gash on my eye. We finally get home. I get out of the truck and I slam the truck door and groan, because I don’t want to listen to it.

My mom is in the backyard and when she sees the blood on my face, she starts going ballistic. She is screaming at my dad because I’m not at the hospital. Therefore, dad and I get back in the truck, and are on our way to Ellington Hospital. We are driving down the twisting and curving road of D Highway. I’m getting slung all over the truck; I can hear the truck rumbling. We quickly swerve into the hospital parking lot. We go inside then the nurses see my eye then immediately I’m in a hospital room. We are sitting here waiting for the doctor to come in when a male doctor comes in that could be Bin Laden’s brother. Then a nurse comes in with needles and other supplies I need to get stitches. I whisper to dad,” is this guy a real doctor or a terrorist?” My dad just laughs as he thinks about what would have happened if I would have said that out loud. Now he is sticking a needle into the side of my eye to numb it. I want to scream from the pain! So I’m tensing up to ease the pain a little, but that just makes the pain even worse. Finally it is over with. He is coming in now with the thread he has to use to,” stitch it up”. Now that my eye is numb he asks “Are you ready?” I say “You just numbed my eye. I had to go through so much pain for this! YES I’m READY!!”I finally am getting signed out of the hospital to go home. We are going down the same twisted road that leads us home. When I get home I just lock my bedroom door, I lie down on my bed and think about the lesson I learned today. Don’t run away from a mad man on a bicycle!!

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