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American Education Crisis

The 1960 UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education (CADE), Section 1, states that “Everyone should have the equality of opportunity, access to free primary education, and the rights of minority groups. ” Education is very important and it is a key thing to have in life. If you don’t have an education, it can cause other problems for you and your family. When girls don’t have an education, it can lead to early marriage and early childbirth. Early childbirth can also lead to dead because the medical complications.

Also, if you don’t have an education, it is really hard to earn a job and get enough money to support your family. In Eritrea, there are many problems in their education. Half the population lives below the poverty line. Eritrea has the world’s fifth poorest education system with only 39% of children attending school. Children in rural areas experience difficulties getting to school because there are little to no schools in the rural areas and they have to walk kilometers to school. There was a war with Ethiopia (the Eritrean-Ethiopian war) from 1998-2000 which severely crippled Eritrea’s economy.

The war resulted in $600 million in property damage and loss. Instead of putting good policies to help the living conditions of the Eritreans, the government is spending millions to expand and maintain the military. The government ignores the education sector, as if it is unimportant to their economic and social development. Another factor that contributes to the poor education, in Eritrea, is it’s location on the Horn of Africa. Because of it’s location, there are many floods and droughts, that cause school to be canceled, and students don’t have as much attendance as others.

Some student are able to go to school, but don’t have the money to buy the school supplies needed, and end up dropping out. Another problem is language barriers because kids don’t understand the language and don’t understand what is being taught. Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe made a great impact in Uganda, where the Ugandans safety is regularly threatened by parliamentary forces in Sudan and Uganda. Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army was a huge threat, and they would abduct and rape young women and detain them as sex slaves.

Sister Rosemary joined a congregation, St. Monica, assists in teaching in the congregation’s mission schools, and helps at the sisters’ orphanage to home the young mothers. Villagers, who would run for safety from Joseph Kony’s rebels, started to pour in, and Sister Rosemary realized she had to lend a hand and keep the villagers secure, by providing first aid and help them maintain good hygiene. At the schools, there was no money for anything. They couldn’t even clean the compound. First, Sister Rosemary employed herself as a driver, and used the money to clear the ground.

Once the ground was cleared, she invited institutions and organizations to hold their meetings atSt. Monica. She was given a challenge to host over 200 teachers in a workshop for two weeks. They didn’t have money, but they borrowed money and promised to pay it back after two weeks. By the end of the two weeks, the workshop was paid 10 million Uganda shillings and Sister Rosemary cleared the debt and used the remaining to run the center. They would skill train the girls and for the dresses, bags, and knitted sweaters they made, they were paid.

This helped remove the school fees and they could use the balance for other needs. Soon, Sister Rosemary started to seek formerly abducted girls, and their children, and told them to come for training. This was a relief to the mothers who were assured safety of them and their children. Sister Rosemary used their first donation to build a daycare center for the kids. They help girls cope with trauma and rejection by exposing the girls to the community. During meetings and celebrations, the girls cook and serve, which brings them in contact with people.

The people appreciate their work and it rids the girls of the prejudice that the community has put against them. Now, the former students work as course instructors and support staff. Some even created an advocacy group, to help identify formerly abducted girls and bring them for training at St. Monica. A solution that has been used is an organization has been created and during meetings,priorities are discussed and community contribution to the problem. They choose one project at a time and tasks are given to individuals or groups.

They make step-by-step approach to explain how they will solve the problem, and then submit it to Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian aid agency. Mercy Corps looks into new ways to adapt the information and look for highly interested and highly illeterate groups in workshops. The community is accepting their program and are ready to participate with them. This idea has been working and brought a positive impact, but I think they should try to focus on more than one project to work on at a time because there are multiple people in the organization and they could focus on multiple problems and help Eritrea faster.

To help with the education problem in Eritrea, one solution is to promote recycling while being able to give donations to the kids in Eritrea. There will be a machine where every bottle that is put into it and gets recycled, the government will donate money that will be used to buy supplies for the children in need. Now the children won’t have to worry as much with the money needed for buying school supplies. Another solution, is to sell cookies and use the money earned to build schools in the rural areas.

There are little to no schools in rural areas and approximately 80% of Eritrea’s population lives in rural areas. If students, that live in rural areas, decide to go to school, they have to walk many kilometers to attend school. Most students don’t attend school if they live in rural areas due to the distance, but if we use the money earned from the cookies that were sold, they we can build a few schools in the rural areas of Eritrea so the percent of children that go to school will increase. The last solution is creating a website to spread the problem.

The website will give more information on the education crisis in Eritrea and people can donate money to help the children. The money that people donate will be used entirely to help the children. We can use the donated money to buy more school supplies and help with the building of schools. The donated money can also be used in the future for new solutions on other problems Eritrea faces. This solution will work because there isn’t any violence or harm being done and one of the solutions can help the environment.

The recycling machine will help the children to access supplies for education and to learn, but at the same time, it will bring a positive impact to the environment. By selling cookies we can raise money and people can enjoy a snack without having to pay a lot. The website will receive donations, so through the website, we can use the money to build schools, support the children’s’ education, and supply the kids with school supplies they can’t afford.

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