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Alyx: A Short Story

It was nice and crisp day at the ball fields. Alyx was up to bat with the tying run one third. There was 2 outs and she has a 3-2 count with the bases loaded. She sees the pitch coming in. She’s thinking, “I can do it, I can do it, Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit. ” She swings and misses. That’s it. Alyxs team has lost the championship. She’s upset. That was her worst at bat all year. She wanted to be walked or get a hit, but no, she failed. As she was holding back her tears her team meets in the locker room. She has a talk with the coach then they all go home. On the way home her mom is doing what every mom does.

Telling their daughters how great they are and that there’s always next time. Alyx ignored her and just wanted to say shut up. The whole team meets up at Freddys to eat and have a fun time before they shower and clean themselves up. When the whole team was sitting there Alyx was talking with her best friend from the team, Shelby, They were saying, “Alyx don’t get down on yourself, it was one game. We can get it next year,” Shelby told alyx. “Well if I would have made the swing and got on base then we would have tied and then we could have won,” ALyx replied.

Shelby was about to yell at alyx but she told her, “Alyx you are a amazing ball player and everybody has those days. Remember what coach told us, The quote, I fail and I fail and that’s why I succeed. Just think about that” Then Alyx was quiet and ate her food and went home thinking about that shelby told her. All that she was thinking about was the quote. “I fail and I fail and that’s why I succeed. I fail and I fail and that’s why I succeed. I fail and I fail and that’s why I succeed. ” This was being said to her over and over again. For the past few months Alyx’s team was training and training to get back to the top spot.

Alyx grab your bat it’s your turn in the cage! ” Said shelby from across the training facility. “Ok Coming! ” Alyx shouted back. Once Alyx got into the cage she was thinking about the hit and hit and hit. She smacked the first ball back to the machine. She did that over and over again just screaming the ball back to it. They are all waiting for the next weekend for the semi-final to make sure they are in the championship. They have all been eating well, keeping up with what they are supposed to be doing everyday. Alyx couldn’t wait. It was finally here, the big game. The semi-final, the game that will get us to the championship.

It’s the first inning. Alyxs team is winning 3-0. She goes out into the field to take her position. Of Course she is playing center field because that is her normal position. She makes a amazing diving catch to end the inning. At the top of the 7th inning Alyx is up to bat. Her team is still winning but not by much. It’s 5-4. THe bases are loaded. She Loaded and Strided and there it is. The perfect pitch. She nailed it to outfield. She starts running and it gets by the left fielder. She is happy the next 3 runs score. She is running too third and she forgot to touch it. She went back to touch but her legs didn’t turn, just her body.

She felt the searing pain into her leg. She is throbbing in pain. She is taken of the field and runner comes in to sub for her. She is carried off the field and her Mom comes running to her side. Her father gets the car and is ready to go to the hospital. This tragedy shakes up Alyx and her team. Alyxs team lost the game and was already getting started for next year. After the practice the night after the game, Shelby came with the whole team to see how Alyx was doing in the hospital. Alyx told them “The doctor told me I tore my ACL and probably won’t be back for a while, Thankfully they are going to get me surgery pretty soon.

Let’s hope it’s not that bad. I will be back in about the last game in the season before the playoffs. Thank you guys so much for the time that you took out of practicing to come and see me and see how I am doing. I love you guys. ” Shelby replied” We love you too so get better soon and we better head back to practice. Come on girls. Love you Alyx bye. ” That night alyx was released from the hospital and was texting shelby from the car. The girls were talking about what shelby had done at practice and what alyx had ate at the hospital. They were also talking about what they wanted their future to be like.

It wasn’t the same at all. Shelby wanted to not go pro and stop playing softball at high school and Alyx wanted to go pro. They were best friends, how could they do this to each other. Then it was time to go to sleep and Alyx wouldn’t know what is coming next. It was a few months after Alyx was hurt until the doctor said she could have her sugary. That day she saw that the team had won all of their games for that day. Shelby had texted her right before but when Alyx was about to go and read it the doctor came in and said “ Alyx looks like you’re ready to go for your surgery.

Don’t be nervous we are going to put you to sleep so you can’t feel anything. Can’t wait to see your recovery. ” “ I’m all ready! ” Alyx said not really sure. “Can’t wait to get back to softball. ” After that Alyx was put to sleep then went into the surgery room. She was in the surgery room for about 2 hours. What made Alyx feel the best is when she woke up she heard a knock at the door. Her teammates walked inside. They were sweaty and happy to see that you were ok. Shelby was the first one in, she ran over to alyx and gave her a hug.

She said “ How are you feeling? ” “ Fine. Kinda sore,” ALyx replied. Well we won all our games and we brought you some presents. Want em? ” Shelby said. “Why would I not want presents? ” Said Alyx happily and then laughed. The girls stayed there for 4 more hours. They eat dinner there, They hang out with Alyx until their moms came to pick them up. That was Alyxs best day ever. They had so much fun that the girls didn’t have practice so they came again. The next few months were Alyxs recovery. She recovered perfectly and stronger. She was back on the field in 3 months. The girls welcomed her like she was never gone. This was the big game. They are back at the semi-final again this year.

The team won like crazy this season without Alyx. Alyx said before the game, “ I so excited to be back and I can’t wait to win this year. So let’s do this! ” “ LET’S GOOOOO! ” The entire team screamed at the top of their lungs. It was off to a good start. Alyx’s team was winning 5-0 in the 5th inning. It was the time, Alyx was up to bat for the first time in the game. She looks around. She sees her mom, dad, friends, and teammates cheering her on. She sees the pitcher getting ready to throw a pitch. That’s when she smiled and stepped in the box. She was happy to be back and wanting a over the fence homer and that’s what she got.

She hit the first pitch, once she heard the crack of the bat she took off. As she was running Alyx looked over to see the ball going and going and then it was finally over the fence. She had hit the final pitch. The game is over Alyxs team is going to the championship. That night alyx was taking a shower and was thinking about the quote that coach would always tell them. Alyx said it out loud over and over again. The final time she thought about why she is telling us that. “I fail and I fail and that’s why I succeed. Michael Jordan. She said that because this year we are going to succeed.

I get it know. So let’s do this,” Alyx thought. The next day the game was intense. The final score was 4-4 in the last inning. Alyx was up to bat with the bases loaded. She did what she wanted. Grand slam to win the game. Alyx was so excited. The whole team dog piled on top of Alyx and This was the best day ever for this 13-year-old girl. Alyx is now where she want’s to be in this year. The team that everyone wants to play but lose, The team that is such good friends that they are always there for each other, the team everyone wants to be. That is Alyx right now. Going to sleep with a championship in her team. 0In the love of softball and the name of the game.

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