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Air freight vs sea freight

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This paper is about air freight vs sea freight. In this paper, factors that are considered before making a decision between sea freight and air freight are discussed. They include cost and nature of goods, weight, and space, delivery time and safety, and pricing. If you are thinking about these two types of freight, these are the factors that you should look into. If you consider speed factor with a super-fast delivery, air freight will be the most reliable as compared to sea freight yet still the same air freight it is the most unreliable when you consider bulky goods with more tons and the hazardous ones like wet salted hides.


When it comes to reliability, air freight is more reliable because

Cost and nature of goods

Cost is a paramount factor when making any decisions. When comparing air freight to sea freight, sea freight is generally much cheaper than air freight. However, there can be some hidden costs that can change this. They include warehouse storage, customs charges and sometimes destination charges. If you consider the nature of goods, sea freight favors almost all types of goods, but air freight has restrictions. Hazardous goods like wet salted hides or fuels cannot be airlifted.

Weight and Space

Ships are generally large. Because of this nature, they can carry almost anything of any shape. On the other hand, airplanes have restrictions on the weight they can carry. The maximum weight an airplane can carry is 100 tons and 60 cubic meters. The maximum weight the biggest ship can carry is 156,989 tons. Airplanes also have restrictions, for example, they cannot carry commodities like fuel or wet salted hides. Also, the nature of planes cannot allow them to carry goods of certain shapes like large industrial machines To be precise air freight is meant for small commodities that are not dangerous while sea freight can carry both small and large commodities and both dangerous and non-dangerous commodities.

Delivery time

If you want an option that delivers fast, the best option to choose is air freight. Out of the four modes of transport known, air transport is the fastest and sea is the slowest.

Safety and pricing

If you want your goods to reach safely, air freight is the best. Complains of loss of goods or damaged goods are less or never heard of in air freight. The situation is different in sea freight. Bad weather and pirates attacks are the order of the day. Goods may be damaged by bad weather and pirates attacks may cause loss of goods. Because of the safety of goods and fast delivery time, air freight is more expensive than sea freight.

No matter how much money you want to spend transporting your goods, the shape, the weight, and nature of your goods will play a big role in dictating the type of freight that will be used. Heavy goods that are hazardous and have massive shapes will always use sea freight. Non-hazardous goods with a lightweight will always be ideal for air freight.

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