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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet

Internet is basically a network which connects everything in advanced way in this world with other things. Internet is rocking the world now a days. It uses standardized communication protocols to connect everything. It is versatile. It provides us information from head to toe about everything. In past, internet was limited to some specific hands but now a days everyone is using it.A few years ago, just computer can go through the beneficiaries of internet but now the trend is reflecting something modern. In short, approximately every electronic device is using internet somehow whether it is a mobile, a CCTV camera, a watch or a car. Every country now has the facility of internet. As we are becoming used to internet, things are getting quicker and easy for us. We can do shopping even by sitting in our room. We can see our loved ones at distant places and even talk to them somewhat realistically. There exists millions of terms that we can handle with the presence of internet if we know how to use them. Internet is the need of all and in every matter. In fact it is a network that removed distances from everything even in both ways because now you are so used to it that you don’t have time to talk to someone sitting with you.

Pros and Cons of Internet

Internet is broad. Everyone is using it because it is so beneficial but a person said correct that “Excess of everything is bad”. So here comes the limit of internet which everyone does not seem to understand because they have become used to internet and it is beneficial in a way also if you are getting something important. If your work is in your computer or laptop which is connected to internet then it may be a good thing for you but we cannot manage to analyze when we are getting apart from our work and starting to waste time. Internet has its own advantages but it also has a rival of disadvantages.A number of advantages and disadvantages are being elaborated in the following.


Shopping through internet (online shopping)Today in the world, everyone is busy and going too fast. Internet avails you the facility to buy almost anything from the websites especially designed for shopping through internet. Actually it is a trend now whether you are busy or not people like to do online shopping because you don’t have to go anywhere. Just put the address in the required place and the article will arrive to you in a fixed time. People who want a variety of things but don’t like to go outside frequently can fulfil their desire on it. It is very easy and it also helps a lot to many people and covers many type of persons like which is selling, the shipper and owner of website where you get it so it includes benefit of many individuals at the same time.

Helps in studies No doubt, internet is the easiest way to search for any required topic you would like to have information on because a wide variety of books, articles, particular libraries, websites and many advanced ways to understand the problem statement someone are available on internet. So now, if you need any type of knowledge regarding any application or software, just google it and you may have thousands of results on a single click away. Many guidelines and websites are available for studies. You can say almost there is nothing which is left manage to understand from internet.

Online payments[image: ]In this era of competition every company related to anything want to give its customers easiest ways to deal with themselves because they know people don’t like to be in difficulty. Every type of travelling like airlines , buses, subways now have their own websites through which you can buy tickets and can reserve your seats. You can pay your bill online. You don’t have to go to embassy you can register for visa online. You don’t have to go to ATM now. You can transfer money to anyone through internet banking which helps a lot to people to save their time. Because the population is growing very fast and everyone is in hurry so it is very beneficial for all of us as you don’t have to be in lines for purchasing tickets for movies in cinemas. Hence, it enhances the ease for us in a lot of ways.

Video Lectures and Learning [image: ]Internet covers everything. Even you can say that it leaves nothing. May be it is related to technology, chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, software, tricks and everything. If you are interested in anything and you want to understand it and want to seek knowledge in this field then you don’t have to choose or find the person which will show you. Now you have the internet. Just go to it and get your relevant subjects information. There are videos available on some websites like YouTube, daily motion,, Vimeo and etc.

Online Games [image: ]Internet is the best common things now a days to pass time. Everyone has its own taste of it that how to pass the time. It depends on their interest. A bigger taste of mostly persons is gaming. People love to play games. It includes infinite variety of games. This era is capable of games which two or more different people can play sitting in different countries or even different continents. It is a good source of enjoyment also. Games don’t leave anyone. There exists so many types which are available for almost all ages from childhood to when you will get old.

Entertainment Internet provides you the entertainment. If you are bore and don’t have anything to do then it will provide you movies, music. A few time ago you would have to buy it in CD but now you just search in the search box which movie or song you want to play and it will display you. If you don’t have time then just simply download it and you can see it after in the packets of time. Almost now you can access the internet everywhere you are standing in big cities so you don’t have to worry. You can find serials or seasons or dramas or a lot if entertaining things

E-mailing [image: ]Private institutions, big companies, educational departments, private and government departments, colleges, NGOs etc. and a lot of different people have to use and are using service of email. It is a safe way to deliver the message and you can give message in seconds. It is the biggest source of connection for business trade and it is not possible without internet connection so without it and internet you can say that more than half of business trade in world will be vanished in some seconds. It is common now a days if you have to submit your work or your assignment just email it email address and then you are done.· Online research and results[image: ]Now the era has gone where students have to see their result after decades of time from printed result cards posted to their relevant school and colleges by board examination. Now you just have to give your roll no. provided by institution and you will see your result in a second. Even now some institutions also send images of your checked papers so you don’t blame the checkers for your bad result if you got it. Now you can do your research on internet.

Company ProfileIf you have to buy a car or food or medicine then you can search for things on their respective companies like Honda. Toyota, NGOs and different private and government companies. These companies have their own websites where there complete information is given. Customers now just have to visit their websites instead of visiting their buildings. It also includes food companies like KFC, Mccdonalds, Subway, OPTP etc

.· Jobs Thousands of mobile application and infinite number of websites are available in native language of respective country to give them jobs. If you are physically ill and cannot manage to do or go to a company for a job then you can earn by just your laptop through freelancing and this is just possible because of internet. You can work for some persons and in return they will give you amount or you can make softwares and sell them online. But it is very helpful if you are needy.· Bank Savings[image: ]Banks made it too easy to do things you can say that if you have the money in your account then you have the money in your pocket as everywhere. Atm is available through which you can withdraw cash and other advanced thing is internet banking. You can make online transactions either bank is open or close so in short your money is in your pocket because you don’t have to dependent on bank either it is close or open.

Sell and buy online As internet made all the things all the way easy for you so It also provides you the facility to do a little bit of business at home. If you have a car and you want to buy a new one and want to sell the old one then you don’t have to go to the person of respective field or to contact it and then deal it. Websites are available for common online trade where you can deal with buyer directly and it’s the same when you are a buyer and want to buy thing

Earn money through internet Earning money through internet is rocking now a days. People truly quit their jobs and business and earn money through internet in various ways like by doing work online for other persons and then being paid by them or like the ones which are making videos on youtube, dailymotion and other websites.

Getting online Work [image: ]We can hire online peoples to do work which are great in sense that these are beneficial for both of them. If the person which is paying for work is busy and cannot do the work in time then he can manage to hire a person to do his work and on the other hand if that person is free and need some money then he can earn it doing his work. Internet is helpful in this way and also very strong dealing are done on it .


Quality of productsWith the advantages of internet there also exists some disadvantages which has the range from very little to extreme harm. Let’s take a view to a disadvantage of shopping through internet. Because you cannot see it and what it actually looks physically so you can easily be fraud on quality of products. It is also common now a days that what you order is completely different in quality than what you actually ordered. So you would get disappointed.2. Loss of StudiesMostly students use the net for wrong purposes. Which are the cause of loss and big disadvantage for student’s studies. Because they spend more time while using online activates.· Distraction for students Most of the students use ne for educational reasons in start but they don’t get when they are addicted to it an even after their work for education is complete they waist there time on other things like gaming or movies etc and other online activities like chatting and social networking which completely destroys a student life. They even come to this point that if they try to study with the help of internet they can’t because gaming and other things are in their mind whenever they use internet.

Loss of MoneyIn advantages we discussed about games which we can play online. Everything in excess is harmful and so it be. Because we are addicted to it so we can even allow us to pay for them to enjoy it. Gaming websites fixed prices for different games and then they earn from their users. Actually it is the complete loss of money so internet also caused you some bad habits of waisting money

Health problemsIn past everyone is doing physical work and there was no concept of internet or anything related to it like mobile computer so we had seen the previous people are more healthy and strong. In this era most of the people just remain at their homes and busy doing something through internet even they don’t bother to go out and to have a look at nature and do some physical exercise and in result they destroy their immunity and get ill with a little bit of harm and disease.

Viruses There are viruses that can attack the files present in our computer and corrupt our files. They came through breaches and internet is the biggest breach for them. When you are browsing some files automatically download and install themselves automatically. Some of them are virsues and these viruses can harm your computer software or any program.· Hacking The trend of using accounts online is now its peak. Most of people use it and so there also exists some bad people which definitely try to get this money. For this, hackers are in every country which can hack your bank account and can access to your money and can transfer it anywhere they want. Let us suppose we lost our mobile and internet banking facility is present in it so a person can easily transfer your money or can play with it.

Access to your personal dataWith the list of disadvantages of internet there are also data stolen chances. If your computer or program is connected through internet then it can easily be hacked and your personal data is not safe. There are some business deals which are personal so it can harm your business also and in short you. It also exists on bigger levels where different countries steal each other data.

FraudsFrauds are common on internet. There are a lot of websites and people on internet that are not real and not trusted. They hide their identity and if you believe them then they cause you a trouble it also includes fraud with your money and business deals.

Dark web Dark web is a big and a very bad part of internet. We just know about some limited websites and a common man can just access a limited number of websites in comparison to what actually there are. According to an estimate we can just use only 5% of websites. Other 95% websites are blocked for us and we cannot access it. On dark web people sell drugs, arms, hire killers and do a lot of illegal activities so we should be careful and should keep ourselves away from these type of websites and activities.

Governments Files and DataCountries which have some spicy things going between them hire some special hackers to hack important files and things and secret files of government. These hackers crack codes of files and get access in private important documents. These files may be related to drone designs, arms modules and many other private things for a country is not safe because of internet.11. Wrong NewsSome fake channels and website publish wrong news on net to get more views to become famous. So always use and watch the secure and trusted websites and channels

.· Wrong news There is a lot of wrong news circulating through internet to get the viewers attention. Websites give the wrong news which may be suspenseful to get views and likes so they get populated. It is now in fact a business to give fake news because greater the views result in bigger earning so we should try to avoid it by selecting some trustworthy channels.

Distant from family We all have a family which we love. Internet addicts its viewer and in fact the person starting getting distant from family when he involves in gaming, social networking as someone has said rightly in past and it comes out to be true that one day technology will surpass the human interaction. Now people are getting far form family, parents, brother, sisters and friends.

Wasting Time As the trend of internet is at its peak so people get addicted to it and unknowingly waste a lot more time than what they actually used it to use it beneficially but now a dys people are becoming dull and weak facing many diseases and destroying their lives because they don’t care about time.

Waste of Dollar billsDoes we need internet ? Yes, of course but does we actually need it that much we use ? the answer is no. We waist a lot of data in downloading movies and streaming and gaming specially online games and that’s why we use a far more data than what we actually need. To use this much data we have to increase our limited data by paying more amount of money so in short we actually is waisting money also· ConclusionIt is no denying in say that internet is very beneficial for us in countless helps us a lot in every aspect of every field but there is exaggeration in saying that internet just have positive points and it can do no harm because where there are its advantages there exists a rival list of disadvantages which concludes us to limit our use of internet and not just ours, we will try to limit the source of internet to our children also so that they just get benefit from it .

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