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Adelaide Kane’s Biography

So…for some of us who can’t go a day without being glued to our TV screen watching movies, here’s someone you should be accustom to, Adelaide Kane, known for her role as Cora Hale in MTV’s Teen Wolf season 3. She also portrayed Tenaya in Power Rangers RPM, and took the role of Lolly Allen in the soap Neighbours…

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Born on the 9th of August 1990 in Claremont, Australia to a Scottish father and a mother of Scottish, Irish and French ancestry, she was raised in Perth alongside her younger brother William. The two were raised by their mother alone after she got divorced from their father when Adelaide was just 7. She had her formal education in St. Hilda’s Anglican School for girls. Having had a flair for the dramatics from a very young age, Adelaide or Addie as she is fondly called who is no novice in the world of performing arts ventured into the art at age 3. She started out with singing and acting but her professional career kicked off proper when she was 6 years old, she started working in some print advert and later went on to children TV shows and the like.

Her early acting years saw to her feature in theater shows such as the remake of the 1971 drama Fiddler on the Roof, anything goes, wizard of oz, oliver! And the likes. Her debut act came about in the year 2006 where she was selected to join the cast for the movie Neighbours as Lolly Allen and this was after much convictions from her friends to take part in the competition by Dolly magazine. By december adelaide made public her leaving the show based on the ground that her contract wasn’t renewed. In the year 2009 she was joined the cast on set for power rangers RPM where she acted the role of Tenaya 7 which spanned from March to December of that same year. In 2012 she was part of the cast on Teen wolf where she played Cora Hale, prior to that she potrayed Aubrey on the movie Goats. In 2013 she joined the cast on the drama series Reign as Mary, Queen of scots, she was also part of the movie The purge which turned out to be a massive sucess. In 2014 she potrayed Ruth in the movie Realm as Scott speer…to mention a few. However, she’s known for her role as Drizella and Ivy Belfrey on ABC’s once upon a time. She has also voiced a character in the animation Dragons: race to the edge, as Queen Mala. Though her salary isnt known yet but she has over time grown to b a known actress who’s worth has risen to be estimated around 4 million dollars.

Is she dating any one? Who is her boyfriend?

Unlike other celebrities, Adelaide Kane kinda doesn’t have a long list of guys she has dated or hooked up with, well…kinda. But one thing we know for sure is she seems to be hooked on guys in her world as an actor from Sean Teale (an Australian actor she met on the set of the movies Reigns, the duo dated 2014-2016) to Toby Regbo (the couple were said to have met on the set of reign in 2014 however they didn’t last) to Conner Paolo(an actor she met in 2011 however the relationship didn’t last as rumour of their split up came out in 2013) to Ian Bohen (remember peter hale from teen wolf) …quite picky though.

Back to if she has a boyfriend?…well yes she does but unlike her actor list of ex-boyfriends she is currently in a dating affair with the co-owner/CEO of The laundry Room, Joey Pauline. Joey Pauline own the laundry room clothing brand co-owned with his brother Jonah Pauline, the duo are unconventional business men that opened their own clothing line in their 20’s with the goal of setting foundational goals that would be benefitted by all. The couple Joey Pauline and Adelaide Kane’s relationship is rumored to have started in the early month of April 2017, as private as they would love to keep their lives, their social media post gave them up giving us insight to their romance as the shared lovely pictures on their wall with beautiful write ups to back it up, alongside suprise gifts and lovely gestures.

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