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Addiction In Athens

Athens, Georgia is a welcoming city that would make an ideal place to begin recovery. The addiction treatment centers in Athens, Georgia, and the surrounding area, are accredited facilities with a clear focus on helping individuals with substance abuse and addiction issues make a new beginning. The addiction treatment centers in Athens, Georgia have varied programs to suit the needs of the patient including day treatment, inpatient rehab, and outpatient programs. Substance use disorders

Drug abuse is defined by people using illegal drugs on a somewhat regular basis or misusing legal drugs. The definition includes the repeated use of alcohol or drugs in order to produce pleasure, relieve stress, or alter reality. In terms of prescription drugs, abuse describes taking prescription medication for non-medical use or taking a prescribed medication that has not been prescribed for you. Addiction occurs when an addictive substance has been consumed for a period of time and has caused changes, or damage, to the brain.

When a person can no longer control the urge to use either drugs or alcohol that signals a dependency on the drug. The brain has now become tolerant of the drug by amending the way it functions. Addiction is considered a chronic, relapsing disease of the brain. It is generally characterized by certain behaviors that include compulsive drug seeking and continued use without regard for the dangerous consequences associated with the effects of the drug. Serious health issues evolve through drug and alcohol use.

Noted health effects are both mental and physical in nature such as depression, anxiety, memory lapses, blackouts, damage to the vital organs, heart attack, stroke, respiratory distress, certain cancers, severe mental disease and disorder, and many more. Statistics: • 214,000 Georgia residents 18 years of age and over reported being addicted to alcohol in 2013. • The 2012-2013 survey by NSDUH revealed that when surveyed, 83,000 persons in Georgia, aged 18-25, reported illicit drug abuse or dependence in the last 30 days. Confirmed illicit drug use in the past month, for respondents over the age of 18 to the NSDUH survey in 2012-2013, totaled 692,000 for the state of Georgia.

• 188,000 Georgia residents, 18 years and older, reported needing, but not receiving, treatment for illicit drug abuse in the past year. SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported these statistics for the state of Georgia based on the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (based on averaged totals for the years 2012-2013).

Prescription drugs are the most common drugs abused in the Athens area. The prescription medication alprazolam (Xanax) is the most common prescription drug found in relation to overdose deaths followed by hydrocodone and methadone. A dangerous sedative called GBI, a drug named etizolam, is legally purchased over the internet and is gaining popularity in throughout the state. Treatment Centers: Summitridge Center for Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine 250 Scenic Highway Lawrenceville, GA (678) 312-5800

SummitRidge provides adolescent and adult inpatient drug treatment services. Beginning with assessment and medical detox, withdrawal from addictive substances is followed by an intensive program of counseling and therapeutic intervention. Once the patient has stabilized, they are transferred to partial hospitalization and a community-based living situation that reinforces the skills and educational elements of counseling and prepares the patient for a return to life outside of the safety and supportive environment of the treatment center.

Family therapy and group counseling sessions bring the patient’s addiction and recovery efforts to the forefront of the family dynamic, working to resolve familial issues and educating family members on mental, emotional, and behavioral components of the loved one’s pattern of addiction in addition to learning what to expect when the patient returns home. Advantage Behavioral Health Services Miles Street 95 Miles Street | Athens, GA 30601 Phone: (706) 369-5745 Advantage Behavioral Health Services operates an Intensive Treatment Program at the Athens, Georgia location, Miles Street.

This program of treatment entails day services 8:30 am-3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday, for a span of 28 treatment days. The program of treatment includes individual and group counseling and education, with an intent focus on the group sessions. Additional means of treatment include 12-step education. Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center 1380 Howell Bridge Rd, Ball Ground, GA 30107 (855) 992-7737 Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center is one of the leading inpatient addiction treatment programs in the country.

Blue Ridge Mountain also has a focused dual diagnosis program attending to addiction and co-occurring mental and emotional disorders. The duration of this inpatient program averages 35 to 45 days. The facility uses a holistic approach combined with a 12-step model to structure counseling and therapeutic sessions that treat the patient as a whole and not just the physical symptoms. Program elements include educational lectures, 12-step meetings, group and individual therapy sessions, spirituality groups, relapse prevention, recreational activities, and men’s and women’s groups.

AA and NA meetings: Working your recovery program generally includes participation in community-based maintenance options such as attending AA and NA meetings in order to keep in the forefront of your mind the importance of vigilance and practicing relapse prevention techniques. The Athens area has many scheduled meetings, as do the surrounding city areas such as Clarke, Watkinsville, Comer, Commerce, and Winder. No matter where you are when it’s time for a meeting there is one nearby. Nicknamed “The Classic City,” Athens is a modern city with a 19th century appeal.

Stately historic homes and original buildings still stand proudly in this southern city. Home to the University of Georgia, this is definitely a college town. Downtown Athens is bustling with eateries and shops often geared toward the college crowd. The city is very proud of its music scene and there are often great opportunities to enjoy live music. If you happen to be in Athens in the summer, there is the Athens Arts and Music Street Fair held each year that comes highly recommended. Athens is also the home of the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia, a very nice place to enjoy an afternoon.

Other popular local treasures include Sandy Creek Park where young children will enjoy the interactive exhibits and the whole family can spend the afternoon on the scenic hiking trails. The Georgia Museum of Art, Bear Hollow Zoo (a small free zoo. Nice atmosphere, playground for kids), and many other family-friendly activities. If you get the opportunity to take in a college football game at Sanford Stadium, it will be an experience to remember as this comes as the most highly recommended activity in the county. If you’ve never been to Athens, Georgia before, make a stop at the Athens Welcome Center located in the oldest house in Athens.

There is plenty of tourist information and maps available as well as a free tour of the home. Athens is a remarkable place where you can easily find yourself lost in another era or get lost in the bustle of modern culture. It is an ideal setting for a person to immerse themselves in a different culture and re-define their life focus. If you’ve decided that it’s time to rid yourself of substance abuse and addiction and get the weight of the problem off of your shoulders, call the addiction treatment centers in Augusta, Georgia. Caring professionals who understand what you are going through are here to help.

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