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Abnormal Behavior In The Film Obsessed

There are many behaviours that are mentioned exhibited, and portrayed in today’s society, you either have individuals that think the behaviours is normal or you have some that think it is abnormal.

In the selection of my character I took in to great consideration what type of behaviour I think is mostly abnormal and what I’ve seen and experienced on a day to day bases, for example my peers, at times they can be very delusional about certain life choices ; when I say delusional , from my understanding is a thought error in which one believes to think that the specific thought can be processed and carried out ,in other words psychotic potentials . In saying that the fictional character that I’ve chose to diagnose is the character Lisa from a movie called “obsessed”.

Obsessed is a movie that was published 6 years ago and still being talked about today. Obsessed, the name pretty much gives away what this character is about. It is safe for me to diagnose Lisa with a delusional psychotic disorder, to be more specific “Erotomania “. This delusion can be further defined as “obsessive love” that can be expressed virtually, through notes, eye contact, post cards, gifts, unexpected visits and tendency to phone calls as well. Erotomania is said to normally occur in patients who are “psychotic” in which Lisa was.

The character Lisa was new to her job in which her position was a “temporary” assistant to a man named Derek, Derek who was already married with a child. Ultimately Lisa wanted to seek the attention of her boss. Now when you think of “seeking the attention of your boss” wouldn’t you think that in seeking attention I am referring to being noticed by my expertise in my field of study? In this situation not Lisa! How it all began, in the beginning I was sceptical as to why Lisa had an urge to be noticed?

But after watching the entire movie this was because Lisa was filled of lustful thoughts and ideas in which I discovered from her first encounter. Here is how it started. What enabled me to conclude that she was psycho (crazy) was her first encounter in an elevator with her new boss of whom she didn’t even know that it was; her first words saying with a very seductive double “gaze” with an enticing tone “I couldn’t help but notice that we are going to the same floor”. I am no doctor but in this scene by her exaggerated actions and features you can just tell that she is crazy.

I say this because she has the pursuit of someone who is up to know well and is in to cause unnecessary woe. More over As the conversation goes on Lisa adds personality and becomes flirtatious when she confesses to her boss that she is a “temp” for the position with lots of body gestures selling herself indirectly, but by dropping files directly making eye contact with her boss “Derek” for a long period of time”“. I questioned this, why would you as an adult female put yourself out there like that in a place of business, it was not like her actions were done behind clothes door but in a big institution that could have been observed by many .

I wonder did she think to notice that her actions could potentially get her fired if she was doing it on a consistent bases and in general. Later on in the movie as she gets comfortable with the new environment Lisa tries to start bondage between her and her boss. A bondage not necessarily talking about friendship but bondage from a business aspect making herself more noticeable in an unnoticeable way. Lisa would do the smallest of things walking past him with long cheerful smirks with a strong walk! “Bye Mr Charles” she says with a smooth voice that made her boss stop to acknowledge her.

From then it was on. “Don’t worry I will get my revenge” she said after her boss apologized for not saying goodbye when she was not even a part of the conversation, immediately making her stance to introduce herself. Within that statement it left me to wonder what in the world is she referring to. This led my thoughts astray thinking that whatever she has planned can lead to “danger”. Lisa didn’t seem to get the response she wanted! Her boss was short and told her good luck with her next job due to her being a temp and left before she could even reply! At this point this is where I sense a “distress”.

Distress can be defined as “functioning considered to be unusual” (chapt1 line1 pg. 4). I say distress was detected to the simple fact that she kept on speaking as her boss left, she was replying to him but he was gone leaving her to talk to herself. She said “actually there keeping me for a few more days” with a very appealing tone then her tone switches to a low fruity tone and says “so I’ll see you on mondayyyy” . psychotic or what? I think it is absolutely fine to talk to you in some instances but in this case this gave me confirmation that she is delusional already.

Lisa takes time and stays back and stocks her boss’s internet profile? What do we have now? As noted before when the she made the statement of “I will get revenge” I sensed danger!! As she lust over her bosses profile. Moving on as days go by, Lisa still makes herself noticed making gestures small hellos to small goodbye to “hey remember me”. She starts to dig deeper and uses every opportunity she has in every setting possible. Lisa put herself more on the table when she hears about the work party she was so excited to know that “no spouses” were allowed to attend.

It got deeper she began to stock her bosses where a-bouts and what he did on an everyday bases. This was technically her job but she took it to a personal level in which was targeted to his wife. Her boss was intrigued by her efforts to stay on top; this is what Lisa wanted, a positive gain. “I’m impressed” said her boss “I’ve never had an assistant so consistent and a temp at that” . She replies “I’m not your typical temp” “whoa”? Does Derek know what door he just open? A door of danger but the gates of heaven for Lisa.

As time progresses Lisa starts sending seductive pictures , erotic emails, approach phone calls , sending gifts from her bosses address to herself, blocking his wife’s calls, making pop ups in the office, irrelevant pop ups at the house, trying to seduce her boss every chance she gets the list goes on not getting the response she wants (erotomania). Would you not think an individual would stop an attempt that is not receiving the attention that he/she wants? More over Lisa starts to become very dysfunctional because she can’t get the attention that she would like to have from a married man! Psychotic right?

Why do you think a married man would leave his family for someone who is bringing danger to him? she starts to harm herself overdosing being hospitalized, still delusional, she males flowers and enticing letters to herself from Derek with a letter to make it seem as if she is loved harming herself more because she is not being claimed. Affording herself to a confrontation with her boss’s wife leading to her death. In Conclusion I found this behaviour abnormal due to the simple fact that she didn’t get what she wanted after several attempts resulting to failures. I questioned the abnormality!

Why would you continue your pursuit with negative feedbacks all the time to someone who has no care for you in the world? Lisa was not blind she was just looking for an opportunity to be loved by someone in which she knew she could not be loved by but still insisted(psychotic ) how mute can you get ? As far as the influences, It brought great distort to her life and manipulation of her disorder in which her behaviour adhered to all the d’s,deviance,danger,distress,dsyfucntion, According to the according to the DSM – V Lisa is diagnosed with delusional psychotic disorder in which I targeted to erotomania ultimately.

Fortunately her abnormality is not associated with comorbidity. Sad to say that her psychotic intellect influences her acts and the only way in which the behaviour can be controlled is by the use of a changed environment. Finally taking it to a theoretical approach the theory in which I believe works best with the cause and treatment options for the behaviour can be psychoanalytic, behavioural, cognitive, and, biological, but overall I would choose cognitive due to the fact that I would be eager to know where and why these thoughts are being harboured.

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