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“A Walk To Remember” Analysis Of The Film

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Movies have been introduced to the world in many genres and in different years. Somehave made a huge impact on this world whilst some have been depicted as the worst ones.Each and every movie gives a message either complex or simple. Various websites haverated the movies according to their views which help people more to realize about theprogram and watching it while enjoying. As various people have different tastes and likingsto different things they have the same to the movies too. We must select the best moviesaccording to the liking of us and watch because we can watch it while enjoying.The film we’ve chosen is “A walk to remember” released on Jan 25th 2002 in USA. Directedby Adam Shankman introduced and produced by Densi Di and Hunt Lowry it has made ahuge impact on the society. The screenplay was written by Karen Janzen.

The film is mainlybased on the story “A walk to remember” by Nicholas Sparks. The beautiful attractive andpleasant music was designed by Marvyn Warren. When talking about Adam Shankman he isa great producer, choreographer and a director who produced films like catch me if you canand step up. And when talking about Densi Di Novi we come across the movies like Batmanreturns, Original Sin, Crazy stupid love and The lucky one. Nicholas sparks who wrote thebook where the film was extracted because he’s has written books like the Notebook, DearJohn and The Lucky One. Mervyn Warren is the Winner and Nominee of different awards Gramar Awards, Soul Train Awards.The language used in the film is English and distributedby Warner Bros. pictures.


The story winds up around a set of high school students, mainly focusing two maincharacters. A boy named Landon has a bunch of friends that he drinks and plays the foolwith. There’s a girl named Jamie who is just a very simple girl who is very interested inastronomy. Landon with this bunch of friends even plays the fool with Jamie because theway she dressed was not their type. Jamie and Landon however meets in a practice sessionin a play. Landon however doesn’t very well remember the dialogues so he seeks the help of Jamie. So he asks it from Jamie and she agrees under one condition. It is not to fall in lovewith her. Even though Landon thinks it’s a foolish thing to agree on as time passes by hefalls in love with Jamie. In the Play Landon kisses Jamie which is not a part of the play. Sothen Jamie avoids Landon until a very bad prank is played on Jamie by Landon‘scolleagues. At that instant Landon protects her and then he falls in love with her. As timepasses by she tells about her Leukemia situation.

Despite being mad at her he helps her inevery way. But She dies after some time. Four years later he visits Jamie‘s father in (he’sbeing selected to medical College)and says that he couldn’t find a miracle for Jamie.Jamie‘sfather replied to him saying he’s that is the best miracle ever happened to her.

Analysis of Plot elements

The story brings out Shane West who is Landon in this story as one of the class rebelskeeping a high character at high school. The other main character Mandy Moore who isplaying the character of Jamie Sullivan is brought about as an unattractive, not eye-catchingand a bookworm type of girl. As the story goes on there comes the best part of these twostrange and totally different characters falling in love with each other. The story starts off likean ordinary movie bringing about a teenage life style type. But about the middle of the storythere comes the Roman state. The climax is very heartbreaking to most of the people whohas watched this movie. It’s a total tragedy and as a story with a good ending but with tearsIn the Eyes.

Creative elements

The Dialogues seen in this movie are very attractive, emotional and it takes us away for everto a place that actually happens.The characters have been very effectively used in thecorrect places. The tones in saying the dialogues changes from one position to another so itshows a real life scenario played in front of us. If you just look about some examples we’llsee that clearly.

  • Ya know I was getting along with everything fine. I excepted it and then youhappenened! Are you do not need a reason to be angry with God.The tone in this part is very sad Jamie recite it while crying which even makes the audiencecry.
  • Jamie saved my life. She taught me everything about life, hope and the long journeyahead. I will always miss her.

That’ not that sad type of recitation which is done by Landon.It’s a phrase said with allsadness,motivationa and love included in it. There it is recited in a very different manner tothe others. Use of colors are very specific. At the climax(at their wedding)producer has used brightcolors whilst in the play he uses a little bit of dark colors. Using the bright light reflects thething that under any circumstance you just have the love for that deserved person. Usingdark lights also reflects many aspects. In the play it’s used to give us as a feeling as we tooare engaged in the play. The costumes of the two characters are like somewhat samethroughout.The boy depicted as a rebellious person while the girl a very calm, quiet andsimple one. It indirectly shows that you can’t just judge a man by the costume they wear andthat’s reflected throughout the story.OpinionTalking about our opinion it’s so simple. It’s a positive opinion. The start is quite a goodone.The dialogues used are way better than many other films we’ve seen. The script isabsolutely awesome. Just see the following examples.

  • What’s there to talk? She’s the best person I’ve ever known.
  • So would it kill you to try?Yup, and I am too young to die.
  • But our love it’s like the wind. I can’t see it but I can feel it.

The drama depicted inside gives us an ample number of lessons which leads us into a worldto think positively in many aspects that we usually fall. The middle part where the romancebegins and how they communicate about it in and out is great.The characters have done agreat job. The climax is better but it would have been not the extreme part of emotional if ithad ended happily.


Giving facts on various things about the movie the producers, directors and etc. theconclusion will give us sumup of them. The filmmaker was absolutely successful in makingthe movie. It is well depicted by the comments we see worldwide and which was given byour colleague who even recommended us to watch the movie. The filmmaker not only showsus a set of pictures or videos he also gives a deep story behind it which is very easy tounderstand.

  • Without suffering, there’d ve no compassion.
  • Knowing there’s one thing I still haven’t told you. I know believe, by the way, thatmiracles happen”
  • You have to promise me that you won’t fall in love with me.
  • Love is always patient and kind. It is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude orselfish.

It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in otherpeople’s sins, but delights in the truth.It is always ready to excuse, to trust,tohope,and to endure whatever comes.The film maker makes us a part of the field like we’ve been in such a situation and beingadvised by someone. So He attracts each and everyone. As in “So would it kill you to try?Yup, and I am too young to die” he takes a quote from outside his script too.So the filmmakes examples from real world too.It shows well how much the filmmaker has given justiceto the film and proves that it was a very successful film. And it also shows how the pictureshad been fulfilling the requirements of the theme or the plot.

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