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A technique of welding

Welding is a technique of manufacture to join two piece of metal by fusion. Up to now, welding process is the most familiar application to joining multi techniques of metallic structures for instance bridges, pressure vessels, automobiles, ships, and rails. In welding process, the welder must to protect their body for safety and health from risk of hazardous which will be done with personal protective equipment and other equipment. The welders should be overcome about hazardous in a welding process which are physical hazards and chemical hazards.

Firstly, a physical hazard is a representative or fortune which would be effect of risk to the welder with direct contact or no. Many factors of hazards may occur to the welder in the weld area, the welder may have a knowledge about the potential hazards in a welding process be solved with get through the work area, equipment, material and consumables to be used. The physical hazards are caused by Electricity, radiation, heat, flames, fire, explosion, noise and magnetic field.

One of the potential hazard in a physical hazard is electricity. The electricity hazard occur due to electric shock or electrocution. The electric shock in welding process may bring out death or severe burns, if the welder contact with electric energy, the welder will results shock and fall. So, the welder do not works in wet area, broken insulation wire, carrying electric current cable around the body, weld close to the welding cable, etc. Make sure that the electrical installation is in good condition.

Then the radiation from welding process have a reason to skin burning and peeling by reason of the metal liquid on the weld metal is hot and contain ultraviolet when the welder not wear the right cloth. Ascertain the combustible materials are kept away from welding area such as paper, wood, plastic and others which will built a fire.

On grinding process can results noise and sparks. Hearing loss can be caused by hazardous noise levels, it is at or above 85 decibels that long or repeated exposure to sounds can cause hearing loss. The safety equipment to reduce noise is ear plugs or ear muff. And the sparks from grinding can bring out explosion, if concentrated to fuel tube regulator area.

Finally, potential hazards in welding process are chemical hazards, they are cause by welding fumes, fuel gases, inert gases, gas mixtures, and solvents. Chemical hazards in the welding process are a type of welding risk that caused by exposure to chemicals in the workplace. Exposure to chemicals in the field may occur acute or long-term negative health effects.

Welding process produce smoke that comprising particles of various types of oxides. Fumes, such as carbon dioxide, ozone, and fumes containing heavy metals, can be dangerous to the welders lacking proper ventilation and workplace procedure. When welding with a fuel gas will produce carbon dioxide, but if a reduced flame will produce carbon monoxide. Shielding gases such as argon, helium and carbon dioxide, either alone or in mixtures with oxygen or hydrogen can also affect health when not following proper work procedures such as working in a room with good air circulation. In this research article, the potential hazards may experience as the welder in the welding process are physical hazards and chemicals hazards.

Since many of the hazard risks may occur in the welding process field, the welder must have knowledge about how to protect and work in safe conditions with the proper attributes of personal protective equipment for safety and health.

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