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A Solution To Stop Gang Violence

This same important idea about gang crimes is brought out in my first library article. This article, entitled “FEDS JOIN WAR ON GANGS” from the “Daily News of Los Angeles” on December17,2002 and written by Mariel Garza brings out the key point that the city of Los Angeles has joined federal crime fighters in a joint antigang push that is bringing in forty additional federal agents in the war on gangs. However, Garza goes on to show that their first joint crackdown will focus on South Central Los Angeles, and they intend to target illegal guns and gang kingpins. She further shows that the joint effort will include some cooperation with the LAPD officers and the special agents. Their cooperation will be very significant on beating down the rise of gang violence that are responsible for more than six-hundred homicides this year so far. My feelings about the points he raises are that the cooperation between the officers and the special agents should be successful in eliminating the turf that belongs to the gangs. I agree with the idea that the city of Los Angeles is bringing in some forty special agents because of the fact that these special agents have a pretty good idea on how to crackdown on gangs. Yet I disagree on the notion that the officers in that area have not received training on how to crackdown gang crimes.

Another Important idea that was brought out in my second article is how an operator of a Hamilton gang intervention program from Albany, New York has received some aid from The United Way. This article entitled “Gang Intervention Gets Aid” on May 23, 2002 from the Times Union and written by Mary Cermak brings out the key point that the “Hamilton Hill program received a thirty five thousand dollar grant from The United Way to help with the programs mission to stop gangs.” The United Way usually only maximizes ten thousand dollar grants, so this was a big deal for the program coordinator to receive this aid. Her mission is done by attracting gang members to attend her after school program so they can stay off the streets. She accomplishes this task by providing food, activities such as basketball, dancing classes, rapping, and a education program. So far she has attracted seven different gangs, and has also accomplished having seven gang members receive their GED.

My third library “Groups Working Harder To Prevent Violence In Oxnard,” from October 20, 2003 article shows how local church groups and youth groups work hard to prevent violence in their community that has twelve existing gangs. This article from the Ventura County Star brings out a key point on how recreation and activity groups are able to provide a family and friendships for a child and avoid him from joining a gang. However, in contrast to the essay “Mothers, Sons, and the Gangs” these two youth groups have received a thirty thousand dollar grant from the U.S. Department Of Justice for their continuing work so they can keep being a home for the youth. In Horton’s essay they had weekly meetings that informed the community on the crimes and ways of reducing the gang violence. My feelings are that youth groups do have an impact on a youths’ life and also that these weekly meetings don’t really have an impact on kids leaving the gang life alone. What I am trying to say is that the weeekly meetings don’t help kids leave the gang life alone personally, but it does help authorities and local groups learn solutions to lower gang crimes. I believe Rodriguez would think these programs would be very successful in helping Ramiro leave his bad habits and gang commitment.

My personal connection on the topic of gangs that I have discussed so far in my paper is how I was able to avoid being part of a gang. In Linden there is an uprise in gang violence between Haitian gangs and Bloods. While I was in Linden High School I had some friends that were in both of these gangs, and whenever there was a fight I was never able to choose sides. . Also I really hated being part of these fights because they were not my problem and also because I was not a member of any of them. I really never had a reason to be part of a gang because I already had my friends from my childhood. My mom also raised me well and always managed to keep me from hanging out on the streets with the bad group of kids. My friends that were in these gangs joined them because they either had friends in the gang or it was part of their life since they were young. My lifestyle also will never fit into the gangs life because I have many goals I want to accomplish in life like, going to school, and also being successful in life. While I was in high school I got threatened to join the Bloods but I never decided to join because I knew it was the wrong choice for my life and I didn’t want to die young or even go to jail.

Thus far I have spoken about how groups have gotten together to stop crime but now I will show you how the state and District attorney try to crackdown on gangs. In my fourth library article from the Los Angeles Times, written by Lance Pugmire goes on to show us how Riverside county District attorney is asking city and county officials for funds to place a special prosecutor to help in the widespread crackdown on gangs. The District attorney has the estimates of having at least two hundred thirty gangs in the county with more than eight thousand members. In my opinion personally I believe it will take more than a special prosecutor to crackdown at least eight thousand gang members. I believe they need to take actions as I reported in my first library article by bringing in forty special agents to help the officers on gang violence.

As a conclusion to my paper, I feel that a good solution to stop gang violence is by communities having more youth groups and after school activities, such as: homework clubs, basketball, baseball, and boy scouts. They can keep youth off the street and these activities can also spark a bright future for the youngsters. Also, I believe the authorities in several cities have also done a good job by hiring special agents and bringing in district attorneys on their mission to stop gang violence. I believe these two solutions are a very well fit to help crack down on gangs’ rising numbers, and turning kids away from gangs.

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