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A Public School teacher deserved a salary increase

According to TeacherPH (2018), The Senate must have been more than willing to implement proposed bills to provide the public teachers in the Philippines a decent increase altogether with benefits but up to now none of the plans were actually realized. The government officials should make an action to increase the salary that they deserved. There are eight reasons that will state why public school teachers deserved a salary increase.

Extended working hours, after the class, they do not go to their home directly they have to do something and bring it home to finish it such as lesson plans, creating examinations, checking test papers and many more. So their working hours is extended not just that they also go home late.

A public school teacher is an all-around worker/jack of all trades, some of the teachers will do anything that they can do because they are lacking of manpower they can do anything to the extent that they can be a gardener, cleaner, a security guard depending on the financial insufficiency of the rural area.

Being the Foster parents to their students, most of the time the students spent their time and life in the school, so that’s why the relationship between the teachers and the students will reach to the point that they will be the great influencers and a good role model for them.

Paying for educational stuff with personal funds, the teachers need to spend their personal funds in order to buy and provide educational stuff for the students.

More money, more passion, giving the right salary to the teachers will motivate and empower the teachers to do their job better. They will continue teaching and giving knowledge to the students and at the same time they learn something new.

Poor working environment/infrastructures, Due to the lacking of supplies and poor environment the teachers would have to walk half a mile to go to their respective schools because shuttle isn’t existent at all, they need to sacrifice their own chair for the students to use it.

Teaching is the greatest profession of all, teacher is the one who taught us on how to reading letters, counting numbers, write and think. That’s why government should propose a salary increase so that it will be more teachers that can be considered the best in their fields.

Lastly, to avoid brain drain, for the teachers to remain about this field they need to create an appealing and attracting benefits. Through these eight reasons why the Public school teachers deserved a salary increased which the researchers agreed on, is because it is not an easy job as a teacher to handle a hundreds of students and through the benefits packages that they will receive it will motivate and inspire employees to do their job and excel in their work.

The government may try to appreciate the value and importance of the teachers, so that they can look after the students in return. We must be thankful to the teachers because they made us who we are today, they help us to grow our minds and expand our knowledge. The Public school teachers or employees really deserve a salary increased.

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