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A Priceless Vacation and Experience of the Panama City Beach

I can still remember the gentle sea breeze on my face, the aroma of the salty air, and the sounds of crashing waves. As I arrived at the Panama City sea shore with my family. Being at the beach was so relaxing, and it helped clear my mind. I will never forget the pleasure of loosening up and enjoying the ambiance of my grand surroundings. The beach was such a perfect place to relax and unwind, there was peace and tranquility as we laid out on the beach, and later with partaking in the indulgence of delicious seafood.

When I stepped out of the car, the aroma of the ocean air was delightful. As I walked onto the sand, I heard families laughing and playing, enjoying one another making sand castles, running up and down the sea shore, and playing music and games. The crashing of the waves hitting the warm sand was like music to my ears. The water was so crystal clear. I could see jellyfish and stingrays off in the distance, and every time the waves rushed in to the bank, seaweed wrapped around my toes. Then, later at night we would go back out, to hunt crab and seashells. We found these ghostlike crabs, and every time I would get close to catching one, it would run off, but finally after thirty minutes, I successfully caught one. The seashells were also beautiful, they had a really soft, smooth texture, with a lot of different colors and shapes.

Going to Panama City Beach was priceless. I always love looking at the sky blue water. Looking at the tall, white hotel buildings is marvelous as well. The view from my hotel was very pleasurable. When I looked out the window, I could see dolphins in the far distance jumping in and out the water. The sunset was the most ravishing. The salmon colored sky was overlooking the deep, blue ocean. I always looked forward to walking along the shore gazing at the enlightening sunset. The pretty, gray seagulls were flying around looking for food and calling each other, and the surf shops were fun to go shopping and buying pet hermit crabs.

Last but not least, the food on the boardwalk was the best part. Seafood is my favorite type of food. The place to get the best seafood is the Saltwater Grill. The restaurant sits alongside the beach. They have the best customer service in PCB. The buttery crab legs are so devine, including their fresh, juicy, jumbo shrimp, they are also very scrumptious. My family and I are always very pleased with eating the seafood at the Saltwater Grill.

Now you can see why the beach is always a relaxing place to go. It is a wonderful, uneventful experience. There is always fun to be had on the splendid, ocean side, it’s beautiful scenery, and seafood are delightful and captivating. If you ever go to Panama City Beach, you can see why I love to visit there so frequently.

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