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A Narrative of the Establishment of My Academic and Career Path

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To completely succeed in my career path, I have approached Miss Kate Perez who is the IT coordinator and development program assistant director in our State to provide me with necessary support and assistance. After series of meetings with her, she agreed to be my mentor and she is willing to utilize his free time to assist me during the entire period. Her main role is to supervise my progress and offer me advises where necessary. I believe that her professional experience would be beneficial to me and it is essential for my professional growth.


It is quite evident that medical facilities and institutions have continued to automate their system to improve efficiency thus making work easier (Ravindra et al., 2015). The capstone project which I’m undertaking is quite similar with other existing projects in terms of process and findings from market research. The existing projects are relevant and credible source of information that would serve as a benchmark for my project. The capstone project should only serve as a guideline and piece of work is meant to be different and not a copy of the previous projects which have been undertaken by others.


I would begin to make the connection between my course of study and my career goals only after my project have been approved. Upon approval, I would embark on the implementation. The most vital part in this kind of project is the design phase but the implementation is the most important part because it would give me hands-on experience on what to expect in my future career. The approval can take longer or shorter period but is does not exceed a period of four months. After the approval, I would utilize the knowledge that I have acquired in a real life situation. To overcome challenges I would be consulting my mentor and other relevant professionals in the industry. This would enable me to progress smoothly through the entire period.


The course fits my future career goals because the experience that I would gain would enable me face future challenges and adapt to changing industry environments. The interview and internship schedule should take place in local hospital after the accreditation from state and national association. The accreditation bodies must be involved because they are the approval is necessary when undertaking any project. Because there are similar projects which has been done in the past, the involvement of oversight committee is necessary because they would ensure that my work meet the required standards.


The main aim of this capstone project is to contribute positive changes in the community which is the major consideration for a good project. This project would make work easier for medical practitioners as well as patients. The system benefits the medical institution by eliminating the problems that are associated by manual system such as the use of paper work. The system would ease records management and facilitates easy retrieval thus enabling health entities to keep track of diseases and patients records among other tasks (Ravindra et al., 2015).


This course relate to the requirements of my career goals. It would enable me to utilize the knowledge that I gained in school to further my career ambitions. My ambition is to improve the health-being of the people in our community and my project would enable medical professionals to accomplish my dream. The project would enable me gain enough experience that would enable me to adapt to changing industry environments.

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