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A Financial Side Of Sport: A Salary Of Professional Athletes

Are pro athletes paid too much? Supersized salaries spark debate over player’s pay. Junior Scholastic/Current Events, (9). 20.

Throughout this article, Anastasia makes several insertions about these salaries. These debates have been a topic of interest for some time now, however, nothing is being done to help alleviate them. Through this research induced article, many facts lean towards the injustices of paying these high wages. The author, to some degree feels that the salaries are not the root of the problem, rather the economic factors mixed in. Ideas such as wage gaps, and minimum wages help explain the complexity of the debates. Results indicated that although many people are unsatisfied with such wages, many of these same people are supporting them. This support is caused from people paying high prices to watch games and purchasing merchandises. Most people are unaware of their roles in these high salaries.

This article will help me in several ways when conducting my final research paper. The information presented yielded credibility and overall organization. Many insertions were included on the causation of these issues as well as possible solutions. I will use this information to help persuade audiences of the underlying issues associated with my topic, as well as reveal their roles in such positions.

U.S. minimum wage too low, study says. Toronto Star (Canada).

Canada, as an outsider to the such wages, offers opinions of this unjust system. The studies revealed why the offered minimum wage is not enough. Bloomberg did not necessarily include a date for the paper, but the studies examined were concluded in the years of 2010-2014. Throughout this article, ideas of why these issues are present were examined. One revelation of this work showed that these issues can be changed by government officials only. This is what makes it difficult, even after the realization that no one can live on such wages. Many articles try to examine the causes of these issues, but neglect the historical references of such. The creation of this wage was previously enacted to create fairness of wage. However, throughout modern times, these definitions do not equal out. Bloomberg helped explain the relevance and correlation between minimum wages in the United States and causations.

This research will be extremely important towards gaining insight on my issue. I feel that Canada, as a bystander, has an advantage to this research. I say this because, they can compare between their country and the United States as well. The representation of this data throughout this article will act as credible device in my final research. Canada, along with many other Americans, believe this wage is too small, and certainly deserves reconsideration.

Reflections on CEO Compensation. Academy Of Management Perspectives, 22(2), 21-25. doi:10.5465/AMP.2008.32739756.

The year of 2008, was very significant to many individuals. Especially CEO’s and other wealthy occupations. Athletes were also very successful during such economic booms. When glancing at the salaries of such people, one can easily conclude that they are ridiculous. Especially in essence of minimum wages implemented in this country. Bogle reveals association to these topics through a financial sense. It is unethical, as he claimed, to have such dispersion between these two wages. One side is gluttonous, while the other is barely surviving. There is no equality in this system.

The conclusions drawn from this article will act as an explanatory factor within my research. The inclusion of actual figures of salaries can help show the intensity of such. This vast difference in earnings is mind boggling and almost difficult to believe it is true. These articles teach audiences that change must be implemented to this staggering reality. Bogle was highly careful of biases in this article. I feel information contained within is significant and will increasingly gear me towards the truth of these issues.

Are sports superstars worth the millions they are paid?. Jet, 90(12), 51.

Clemmons’s voices many opinions of these issues in the year of 1996. Although, outdated, the information may appear, many revelations deemed through this limitation. By examining the instances and conditions from previous years, we can see the degree of change that has undergone. And so, say frankly, not much has changed. Except, of course the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Salaries have only increased since these ideas were presented. This illustrates that implemented changes is neither of importance to officials nor is it projected to be in the future. Oppression is formed, because those who receive small wages have little to no control on fixing these problems. Clemmon’s reviews that these talents possessed by celebrities are not equivalent to their pay. Although, they may be good at what they do, nothing is accomplished in these efforts. That is, except for entertainment. Therefore, to answer the question, no celebrities are not worth the millions they are earning.

All this information will lead me in several directions for possible co-topics within my essay. I believe that the information regarding historical context will surely help me reach my desired points. There has been little change to these instances, and people should be educated on that alone. With other changes occurring in this world, such as inflation or economic crisis, a high wage should be given to minimum wage positions, not athletes or other entertainers.

Why Are Sports Players Paid So Much More? : Networks Course blog for INFO 2040/CS 2850/Econ 2040/SOC 2090.

Cornell University offered many educational explanations as to why these players are paid so much. The conclusions of such were illustrated in the fact that entertaining positions are generally like this. Whether one is a singer, athlete, or actor, they are paid to entertain, and will be paid high salaries if popular. These salaries are much larger than the salaries of minimum wage paid employees and even higher end jobs simultaneously.

Cornell is a highly prestigious school, therefore the information presented has credibility. I aim to provide insight into the truth of the matter. Therefore, I must be careful as to which websites I use to obtain information. I feel confident with this source, because of the school’s reputation. Great understandings resulted from the reading and analyzation of this article. I feel audience members will enjoy the information of this article. I feel these ideas are very interesting, and the article, was easy to understand alike.

How Female Athletes Can Help Advance the Fight for Fair Pay. Time, 189(12), 23.

Gregory makes many valid points in these articles. Apparently, women athletes hold influential positions in these issues. He points out that these athletes can protest unfair wages. They are especially inclined to do so, because they are offered extensive amounts of money to partake in games and make special appearance even. Since these women hold somewhat of a position to changes in these wages, they should use this ability for the good of society. Many basketball players donate funds to those who are needy. However, this really doesn’t fix the underlying problems, rather just places a Band-Aid on them. This article included several ideas regarding why this problem is and also possible solutions to it. To some degree, even with encouragement from female players, it is still impossible to enact such changes. That is because these women do not have the ability to do so, it is the responsibility of the government and the abiding states. Since minimum wage is both determined by the federal government and each of the states alike.

I will utilize the information gathered within this framework to help show how changes can be made through unification. If these athletes create the movement, they will gain followers with similar missions. This will help make the desired changes become visible to the greater of society. People should have somewhat of a voice regarding these wages they work for.

Why Professional Athletes Deserve Their Pay (and other don’t) – Work and Workings of a Nerd.

Leung’s presented information included much insight to the other sides of this question. Giving valid reasoning as to why these athletes deserve the wages. In most of the research conducted by me, these inclusions were not stated. The explanation of a free market economy is expressed in these articles. Which allocates to the realization of the issues. Since the economy’s price is somewhat determined by consumers, we are part of the problem. Through logical assertions, Leung, proves the point that we are the ones who put these monies to athletes. If we did not, as a whole, support such organizations such as FIFA and the NFL, these wages would not be generated. There is a huge demand for all sport affiliated services and products, therefore, these people are generating increasing amounts of money.

These facts were very eye-opening to me, I was unaware of them previously. I think, audiences alike would be fascinated also by these inclusions. I will utilize this information in my research when discussing the alternative views of these issues. The economy and consumers allocate these instances, and they are not singularly of just athletics, rather the entire scheme of things. Entertainers make this money through consumers, we can’t necessarily be mad at their hustle.

Two Sides to Every Coin: Are Professional Athletes Overpaid? | Bleacher Report.

Mueller’s efforts were somewhat like Leung’s. This is true, because both explain concepts of how these instances are fair. The economic blueprint is what allocates these wages. Therefore, if we want to completely change such instances, we would need changes in more than one realm. An economy that does not provide competition would certainly act as a loss. People deserve the ability to earn as much as they can through whatever involvement it may be. One the other hand though, these instances are highly unjust to the rest of populations.

This information will help me prove the others’ sides point of view on these topics. By including the pros and cons of each, I can allow audiences to make their own opinions, while reinstating mine throughout. I was very impressed with the facts included in this article and I would love to utilize such information in my final paper. By doing so, I will show both the good and bad aspects of the economy as well as athletics alike. Naifeh, J. A., Ursano, R. J., Benfer, N., Wu, H., Herman, M., Benedek, D. M., & … Fullerton, C. S. (2017). PTSD symptom severity and sensitivity to blood, injury, and mutilation in U.S. army special operations soldiers. Psychiatry Research, 25078-83. doi:10.1016/j.psychres.2017.01.058

The authors in this article bring up wages of soldiers, along with other aspects primarily relating to PTSD. Although the basis of this article is about mental illnesses, the wages is what grasped my attention. Soldiers of the United States were said to make around $40,000 annually, and their lives are being compromised for the country’s sake. These wages are low compared to athletic based ones of millions. Not only are their lives on the line, but many encounter PTSD and many other mental illnesses because of this work. This article showed the complexities of these illnesses and inevitably showed one that they deserve higher pay and not someone who can make a goal.

By including the earned salaries of soldiers, I can make the point of unfairness in the system. Someone risking their life should be paid more than someone entertaining an audience. Also, I will include the negative associations with being in the army, and show how there are less of these negativities arising from being a professional athlete. Skills and situations should be in the foundation of pay rate.

Unions, Wage Gaps, and Wage Dispersion: New Evidence from the Americas.

The authors in this selection speak about the wage gaps and dispersions within the United States. The points offered represent the ideas of injustice and so forth. The idea that 1% of the world holds more wealth than the other 99% really opened up one’s mind to the actuality of things. These wage differences and dispersions are found increasingly throughout athletics. Someone working in the hot dog stand at a game makes pennies next to the one playing in the game. These wage gaps are presented in all countries, but not to the degree of the United States. The authors show how these dispersions harm the economical scheme of things. And implements a system of failure for anyone who is not the select few.

This information will help reveal why the economy is the way it is. I , personally, related these issues to my problem, because they wove in deep. The root of the issues can somewhat be understood by glancing at the economics and current stance on these issues as well.

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