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A Case Study on the Marketing Plan and Strategy for Apple Inc.

Marketing strategy for Apple Incorporation

In its marketing plan, Apple incorporation has employed the STDP strategy (Payne 2017). STDP is a strategy that employs segmentation, targeting, differentiation, and positioning. By using this model, the company has identified niches with specific needs to which they are marketing their products. In the selection of its market segments, the company has considered demographics of income (average earners), Education (those with skills and passion for using computers), Household / Business and the type of resident or occupation. The marketing of 13-inch MacBook Pro targets people with skills and passion for computer use, and have the purchasing power. 13-inch MacBook Pro targets market within and outside the US, which are accessible by their distributors.

Various customers of 13-inch MacBook Pro have multiple choices and preference. An office manager will purchase the laptop for cloud computing; a student will buy the same machine for the project and taking notes, while other customers purchase for other uses. All these needs are catered for by the integration of multiple features of the 13-inch MacBook Pro which makes it favorable for various applications. Marketing mix has facilitated the positioning of this product in the market.

Marketing mix

The marketing of Apple ‘s product – 13-inch MacBook Pro is a combination of various elements which include price, product, place, and promotion.


The design of 13-inch MacBook Pro has a unique touch ID sensor that markets this device. This product is Apple-branded, hence enjoys the customer bond that has been established by the Apple Company over the years. Apple is the leading company in the production of technological devices experiencing the most significant market segment in the world. The fact that 13-inch MacBook Pro is a product of Apple incorporation is an element that has marketed the product to international markets. The augmented services provided by Apple support are also a marketing strategy employed to enhance customer satisfaction (Payne 2017).


The price of 13-inch MacBook Pro varies with locality and currency. A customer purchasing 13-inch MacBook Pro can get the device for roughly $1499 to $1899 depending on some factors. This price is attractive based on how sophisticated the MacBook Pro. The amount has been used as an attractive feature to draw its customers because it is relatively affordable. Some of the retailers also sell the 13-inch MacBook Pro at discounted prices, hence attracting more and new customers.


Apple has put in place an active distribution channel that ensures the 13-inch MacBook Pro is available to their customers. 13-inch MacBook Pro is available for sale in retail electronic stores all over the world. Other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy have online services where the customer purchases the device online. The aspect of availability in the market has placed 13-inch MacBook Pro in a better position for high sales (Payne 2017).


Over time, advertisement of 13-inch MacBook Pro has been through the media. Apple incorporation through its marketing team has also advertised the product through the internet, extending its marketing scale from the US to the rest of the world. The retailers also help I marketing 13-inch MacBook Pro through the point of sale display. In every retail store, there is a display of 13-inch MacBook Pro, showing its features. These presentations have helped in creating awareness on 13-inch MacBook Pro, interaction with the customers and analyzing their expectations (Lenox et al. 2017).


This marketing analysis shows some weaknesses. Among them is the distribution channel. Apple incorporation is using indirect distribution channel, where they lack direct customer link with the producer. The retailers also exploit the customers with high prices. Most of the customers perceive 13-inch MacBook Pro among other Apple products as the most expensive electronics in the market. This image could be a bit different where the company embraces direct sales by opening up its stores. The direct sale channel could cut down the cost, directly monitor customer response and build stronger customer relationships.

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