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5 Great Doctor Dolls for Your Favourite Little Healer

A child’s imagination is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t matter if their soaring into space on rocket ships made of cardboard, fighting crime as towel-caped superheroes, or putting out invisible fires on the back of a red wagon with garden hose in hand. Every month new toys can be found lining the aisles that make it easier for princesses, monster hunters, and pirates to come to life in our own backyards. Pretend play is a vital and necessary part of growing up.

Especially when it helps young minds consider their future. The toys we play with when were kids can help inspire us toward certain career paths as we mature. Sure, stomping plastic dinosaurs around our bedroom won’t help us turn into a T-rex (yet!) but it might open the doors to archeology, paleontology, or other sciences. Easy Bake Ovens can lead to future chefs, Hot Wheels obsesses kids may grow into your neighbourhood mechanic, and rubix cube lovers could be future math teachers. Playing doctor has definitely given us a bevy of nurses, surgeons, general practitioners, and a variety of specialists. Whether it’s poking at our stuff animals with sticks and dinner utensils or checking the non-existent temperature of baby dolls, pretending to be a doctor is a time honored game of pretend. It speaks to the empathy inherent to the child that would rather pick up a plastic stethoscope over a neon-colored toy gun. Gravitating towards helpful and sympathetic play versus violent or aggression play is something that should be wholeheartedly encouraged. When a child plays doctor they are looking to help people, take pain away, and make their imaginary world a better place. Who can say no to that kind of creativity? Plus, playing with doctor toys and dolls encourages more than just becoming one. The medical field is a vast landscape of opportunity. Pharmaceuticals, STEM research, massage and physical therapy, nursing, and disease research are just some of the career possibilities that can be sparked by play in our childhoods.

With that in mind, let’s look at some great dolls and playsets to help fuel the fires of our aspiring little healers. Baby Alive Sweet Tears While you can find a few different types of Baby Alive dolls, the Sweet Tears option is the one you want to grab for the mini-doc in your house. She comes with a variety of medical accessories – including a stethoscope, bandage, and thermometer – that she can interact with. Her nose lights up red when she isn’t feeling well, giving a clear indicator to her play pal that it’s time to start diagnosing the problem. As long as she’s taken a drink from her water-filled juice box, the Sweet Tears Baby doll will actually cry, showing the frustrated emotions of a real newborn. Baby Alive Sweet Tears has over thirty-five phrases and sounds in both English and Spanish making her an incredibly interactive toy. Simply flip the switch on her back to have her talk to ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daddy’ and you have a sweet babe ready to be taken care of. With 3 AAA batteries included, she’s ready to play with right out of the box for anyone ages three and up. Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset Barbie is an icon. She is a woman whose had practically every job on the planet – from astronaut and art teacher to dentist and army medica.

The role of doctor isn’t anything new for this symbol of womanhood, but this focuses on Barbie specifically taking care of two adorable newborns. This Barbie comes equipped with her own set of scrubs, white shoes, and pink stethoscope. There’s a bottle for each of the two babies and a pair of cute little towels to wrap them in. The set itself serves as both an office and a care station with two tubs, a mobile, and a storage space. The doctor herself has a permanently bent arm, either to keeping her looking ready to work or to hold one of her tiny patients. For those ages three and up, this doll playset is a great option for the doll-loving children in your life. Given that there are a number of smaller plastic pieces, make sure everything is kept away from curious mouths. Doc McStuffins “Get Better” Doc Doll If your child is a fan of Doc McStuffins, the Get Better Cece Doll is the perfect gift for them. With this doll, they can take care of Cece just like Doc McStuffins does on the show using the same baby nursery stethoscope as the Disney Junior doctor herself!

Wrapped in an adorable plush outfit, Cece makes a number of sounds for both herself and Doc. Use her pacifier to check her temperature through a variety of pictures that will let you know exactly how Cece is feeling and listen to her heart with the stethoscope provided. At 14” tall, she’s a sizeable toy that any Doc McStuffins fan would be excited to own. Minimargaret the Doctor The doctor of the Nici Wonderland doll line, Minimargaret is a handmade doll that any cuddler will love. She’s soft, made of high quality material, and makes playtime a fun and comforting experience. Minimargaret is completely machine washable and dryable. You can purchase more outfits for her as her clothes can be removed or you can just stick to the great doctor’s uniform she’s already wearing. She’s for ages two and up thanks to her amazing plushness. At nearly twelve inches, this doll is the perfect snuggle buddy for your child. Playing doctor doesn’t have to be all about hard plastic and sounds galore. Sometimes, like a trip to the clinic, simplicity is all you need. Our Generation Doctor Nicola Pair your mini-doctor with mini-doctor of their own. Nicola from Our Generation Dolls is the perfect example of a little girl eager to step into the field of medicine. She comes with a ton of accessories including a prescription pad, her own pen, a poster for her office, and four x-rays to help her diagnose her patients.

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