Everyone wants to be the master of sales and know all the secrets of the formula for success on Fiverr. You know, having all the money, fame and popularity — and the positive reviews, especially the positive reviews — of a Top-Rated Seller from this unique Freelancer Marketplace.

Yeah, that is what we all want, and that is what we hope to achieve… since day one. That is right, folks. At least once a day some naive person joins Fiverr thinking that he or she can make thousands of dollars by simply publishing a lazily ambiguous Gig publication with all the services he or she offers.

But no, it is not that simple. It can be assured by the many users who today have a decent reputation and good regular customers who allow them to generate a sufficient amount of revenue for them to reach the end of the month without losses.

They can say it better and with more arguments than anyone else: making it big in Fiverr is not easy. But, the reward is unbelievable! So, if you are willing to work hard to reach your goal, we are ready to help!

How? Well, doing what we do best. Giving you the best information and advice to become the sales success you aspire to be. Pay attention, today we bring you a list of 7 tips to make exceptional sales in Fiverr.

Sales Tips for Fiverr

Okay, you are ready to get started. You already registered on the site. You have already created your Gigs and customized them with a lot of attention to detail. Your profile is also perfect. You followed all the tips from every website that talked about Fiverr…!

…and even the first order does not arrive. Okay, first thing you have to do is breathe. First, because there is no point in carrying out an order if a nervous breakdown prevents you from completing it. Fiverr is supposed to exist to generate income, and not to admit us to the hospital.

  1. Be online
  2. Just because you have not received an order does not mean you did things wrong yet, and that you should start from the beginning. To get your first order, if you did everything right, it is only a matter of time.

    However, how can we speed things up? Well, simple. Improving your exposure on the website. To achieve this, there are two tools you can use. The first of these is… “be available.” Yeah, it sounds ridiculous, but it is just being available.

    “Be available” as literal as you can imagine. You see, on Fiverr buyers usually find their sellers through the search engine. They type in a few keywords and leave the website to show you which offers match their search.

    What does any of this have to do with being available? It is basically a matter of positioning. If you want to be seen by as many customers as possible, you have to be at the top of the search engine ranking.

    Normally Fiverr establishes this order according to the level of the seller, his ratings and the amount of sales made, but there is one element that is crucial: the activity on the page. The longer you stay online, the more active the platform will consider you.

    Keep in mind that if you cannot be on your computer all day, you can always download the Fiverr app to your mobile phone.

  3. The power of social networks
  4. Do you remember when we told you that gaining exposure was achieved through two tools? We did not say that just to impress.

    As the title suggests, social networks are extremely powerful in our modern world and can help us increase our sales on Fiverr if we use them correctly.

    The first thing you should do is to link ALL your social networks to your Fiverr profile. All of them, without exception. For what reason? Once you do this, a few buttons will be enabled on each of your Gigs, the “Share” button.

    Ah? Is it possible to share anything other than memes on social networks? Absolutely! Doing so can help you maximize your exposure if you are consistent. Sharing your Gigs not only makes you visible outside of Fiverr, but also considerably improves your search engine rankings. However, be on the alert! Sharing every day across all profiles can be too much, even to the point of becoming spam. Otherwise, you might even start to lose followers.

  5. Customer service
  6. Many people underestimate it, but the truth is that they have no idea of the excellent results of giving good customer service. To illustrate the point, let’s take the following example.

    A is looking for someone to make a series of brochures for her. She finds out about B and C, who offer exactly the same thing and at a more or less similar price. The real difference between them both is this: while B, who charges a little cheaper, is extremely rude and takes a long time to answer A’s questions, C concerned with explaining the process in detail, what his services consist of and is very attentive to A’s requirements.

    Although C is a little more expensive than B, A hires him. Can you imagine why? Getting customers is a matter of feeling confident and comfortable. When your client is comfortable with you and feels that he or she cares about you, he or she tends to cling to your work.

    We always recommend that, even when the order has already been processed and is underway, you continue to communicate with the customer on an ongoing basis. Report back, inform your progress, ask the questions that you feel are necessary. Good customer service will help you increase your sales a lot, as your old customers will always come back to you.

    Extra advice: try to avoid asking the same question twice under any circumstances. If you make this mistake, your customer will think you are not paying attention to what you are doing… and may even regret buying your Gig.

    To deal with this and prevent it from happening, you can take paper notes of everything your potential buyer has said. That way, if you forget something, you can check your notes before you ask.

  7. Order’s details
  8. Before you even submit an offer, always try to discuss it a little bit with your client. Try to identify what they are looking for; how much they are willing to pay for it and how long they can wait before that is ready. After all, part of making a deal is finding a middle ground where both sides are pleased to the same extent.

    If you want to avoid being rejected over and over again for the same offer, be sure to consider all the details, however insignificant, in your offer. The buyer will notice it, will feel comfortable and identified and will not waste time before hiring you.

    However, do not rush so abruptly towards the finish line. Always take the following aspects into consideration when sending an offer to a buyer:

    Description: explains in detail what you will do. If you have a dispute later on, you will be protected by the written support your client accepted.

    Commercial rights: avoid misunderstandings. If your work does not include commercial rights, say so. After all, it is very common for buyers to feel they own what they are buying.

    Reviews: specify how many revisions you are willing to make. Thus, your clients will be required to be very thorough in listing what changes they want. Do not let anyone waste your time.

  9. Level up!
  10. Many users are not even aware of the benefits of upgrading. You cannot even imagine what you can achieve… and the truth is that most Fiverr sellers scale level without realizing it.

What? Are you serious? Well, yes, I am. Sellers are usually there to sell, and do not think too much about what it means to raise the level and make a profit out of it. It is enough for them to earn their extra income and to build up a good set of customers who buy their services on a permanent basis.

Sometimes, if you think about it, it seems like the best thing to do. The truth is that the only thing you need to do to raise the level is to be an active, responsible, punctual and very respectful Fiverr seller. As long as you meet all these requirements and are able to sell Gigs constantly, you will eventually see your reward.

So why talk about levels in this list of tips? Well, because it is worth knowing all you can get. A Level 1 vendor not only has the ability to publish two Gigs more than standard vendors, but also looks much better positioned in the search engine.

That itself is an achievement. Think about it, the more variety of Gigs you can offer, the greater your chances of making a lot of money. And that is just being level one.

Once you have reached level two, you will not only be able to offer an extra Gig, but you will also be able to access the various Beta functions offered by the Fiverr platform.

It looks like a pretty good prize for doing a good job, not to mention the considerable increase you will see in your earnings!

Have you started getting an increase in your sales?

Great! We hope all these tips you have read here have helped you a lot to make excellent sales on Fiverr. We are confident that you will now be one step closer to achieving your financial goals in this incredible freelance marketplace.

Remember that keeping all the information for yourself is not right. Share with your friends, tell them about this article, spread the word in your networks! We would also like to know your own opinion: comments, experiences, suggestions, etc. Let’s make this space a much more productive and useful place for Fiverr sellers!

See you in the next post!

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