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21 ideas of TV rooms that have everything for entertainment!

Television has become an indispensable element for entertainment in the comfort of our home. The ideal is to have a television room, which has comfortable furniture that allows integration while sharing as a family. For this, an adequate interior design is important for the correct placement of furniture, television and additional multimedia equipment such as the home theater system and video game consoles. In this magazine we want to inspire you to decorate your new entertainment room or renovate your television station, with 21 multimedia room projects where a successful balance between functionality and aesthetics of a space that is one of the centers of life has been achieved family.

Bright sophistication.

We start our tour with a multimedia living room in a contemporary style. The sophistication is given by the drywall ceiling with a warm backlight that is accentuated by the brightness of the glass. For television, a light wood veneered cabinet with space to place the electronic equipment was designed.

Integrated to the main room

This living room for television is integrated into the main room, but delimited by a low wooden furniture that serves as a bookcase or to place decorative objects. The television was placed on a background of wood veneer and the backlit niches frame it.

Double height

In this double-height room, a rococo brick cladding creates the perfect backdrop for the television, which matches the low furniture in black and the hanging luminaires of industrial inspiration.

Integrated furniture

Designing custom furniture is perfect to take advantage of the space where the television will go. In this living room with colorful sofas, the multimedia cabinet has a linear design that combines wood and polyurethane in white with a practical top shelf.

3D Panels

For a small space the idea is not to saturate with too many furniture. A simple console in wood and white is highlighted with a 3D texture panel in white that serves as background to place the flat screen television.

Backlit panel

In a space with high ceilings, the wall containing the television has been delimited with a backlight and a low wooden furniture, which matches the sloping ceiling of exposed beams and the warmth of the stone fireplace.

Fireplace and mirrors

In this small living room the television has been placed in a custom-designed furniture, which has a gas fireplace and is highlighted through the mirrors and lighting, for an elegant composition with a touch of sophistication.

Art, books and color

A chester armchair in black leather presides over this room, where art and books are arranged in a simple white L- shaped cabinet where the television has been placed. The red carpet delimits the space.

Minimalist sobriety

In a narrow space, the sofa follows the linearity of the minimalist furniture in wood and white where the television has been placed. Conveniently located in front to get the best angle.

Lighting design

So a space is small as in the case of this living room, lighting can play an important role in creating the right atmosphere. A false ceiling drywall has been backlit and delicate pendant lamps of oriental inspiration create ambience in one of the corners.

White sophistication

This entertainment room project has modular furniture in white leather. The space is defined by the false ceiling of drywall and a large carpet with golden accents.

As a picture

In this living room the television has been placed as if it were a painting on the wall, framed by a wooden outline with two decorative luminaires. To the sides of two shelves in symmetry have space to place decorative objects.

Calm harmony

This living room transmits calm through the use of white color combined with blue and yellow cushions. It’s comfortable space to watch TV as a family.

Multimedia screen

If what you want is a real movie theater, there are options of large screens that will make your entertainment space a true experience. In this contemporary design neutral colors give prominence to the space for the screen.

Color accents

In this TV room a comfortable gray sofa, matching the carpet, is perfect for watching TV. The cushions with patterns of colorful designs give the share of joy to the space.

Visual composition

The television is integrated into the decoration of this living room, where the shelves in black create a single visual block in contrast to the wood veneer in the background.

Light niches

In this multimedia room, the television has been placed on a lining full of texture that is highlighted by low lighting, matching the backlit niches.

Wood veneer

In a classic proposal, the wood is perfect for veneering the walls and creating a neutral background where to place the television. In this room the shelves with decorative objects fill the space with life.

An elegant and classic space where the need for television has been resolved by projecting on the wall. Vintage objects such as a gramophone and a film camera fill the room with warmth.

Space of contrasts

A space with an intense contrast of lighting creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy watching television. The oriental rug is the element that adds texture to the composition of neutral colors.

Industrial inspiration

Textures games are mixed in this small TV room. The wall has a 3D coating and the roof in microcemento helps create a cozy space full of design details with industrial inspiration.

Movie theater

We finish our tour with an entertainment room that is a tribute to the cinema with a curved billboard with images of films on the wall. The false ceiling of drywall with its soft light frames the television that is on a wall covered with mosaics. These 21 multimedia entertainment rooms will fill you with inspiration to design the perfect space to share with your family. Take note of the best ideas!

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